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დასასვენებელი საცხოვრებლები: Korbous Plage

იპოვეთ და დაჯავშნეთ უნიკალური საცხოვრებლები Airbnb-ს მეშვეობით

დასასვენებელი საცხოვრებლები საუკეთესო შეფასებით: Korbous Plage

ამ საცხოვრებლებს სტუმრებისგან მიღებული აქვს მაღალი შეფასებები მდებარეობის, სისუფთავისა და სხვა მახასიათებლების მხრივ.

Agréable appartement
გასაქირავებელი საცხოვრებელი მთლიანად · 3 სტუმარი · 2 საწოლი · 1 სააბაზანო
Agréable appartementBon endroit ,5 mn a pied, de la mer et de la foret de borj cedria si vous aimez faire du sport ,direct sur autoroute 30mn tunis ,35 mn hammamet en voiture ,gare de train tres proche 3mn
appartement  behja
კონდომინიუმი მთლიანად · 2 სტუმარი · 2 საწოლი · 1 სააბაზანო
appartement behjaCe logement paisible offre un séjour détente pour toute la famille.
Villa, garden, 5 min to hot springs
გასაქირავებელი საცხოვრებელი მთლიანად · 4 სტუმარი · 2 საწოლი · 1 სააბაზანო
Villa, garden, 5 min to hot springsOver three floors , our villa is in the quiet village of Douala at Cap Bon , northeast Tunisia . An internet cafe is right next door. We rent the ground floor and first Floor with 200 sqm of living space. The rooms are fully equipped. Two bathrooms with shower are available as well as a fully fitted German kitchen with 4 hot plates, oven, 2 refrigerators and all necessary cooking and eating utensils . Two large , well-appointed living room are also arranged as four bedrooms with double bed. The roof terrace is accessible from where you have a beautiful view of the surroundings and the small village . More Located on a 400m ² garden , where among other own tomatoes, figs and oranges are grown. There is also a terrace and a small gazebo , a barbecue is available. Cars can be parked in the attached garage . In the village there are small shops where you can stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables and other useful things. The sea is 5 minutes away by car. The hot springs of Korbous are just 5 minutes . removed and used for free by anyone. the environment General: Cap Bon The place Douala is located on the fertile Cap Bon Peninsula , which juts far into the Mediterranean Sea in the northwest of Tunisia. Sicily is located only 140 km from here . Geologists suspect that until about 30 000 years ago there was a Landbruecke the Italian island. The cap is in the guidebooks mostly an insider tip for individual discovery tour of Tunisia , but it is capable of both nature and culture to delight . Mountainous areas of olive groves and by the French in the 18th century . imported wines go with fertile plains and cacti plantations , the coast line secluded coves and long beaches . These excursions can be worth the hot springs of Korbous , the ancient remains of the former Punic town Kerkouane , the fortress of the " white city " Kelibia and the camel market of Nabeul . In Fühjahr the Falkland Festival El Houaria is a must . Korbous ( Qurbus ) Bathe in the hot springs of 4km away from Douala Korbous . The hot water of the hot springs , which empties directly into the sea , is to relieve rheumatism , arthritis and skin diseases . The Romans knew that the seven hot springs of Aquae Calidae Carpitanae to appreciate the Latin name of the current Korbous . Not to be missed is also a massage in the hammam , the Tunisian sauna and bathhouse . Visit and treatment are offered separately for men and women. El Haouaria For centuries, El Haouaria is known for Falkenzüchterei , their products , the national pride of many Arabs are exported to all Arab countries . In the spring of every year there is a major festival of the Falkland breeders that it is definitely worth a visit , you should be at any given time in Tunisia. The other attractions of the village are the ancient quarries where to Carthaginian and Roman times, the rock for the construction of amphitheaters and the like have been removed. Unfortunately, the sites are not always open because of temporary rubble crashes. Definitely worth a visit , however, El Houarias is famous seafood restaurant that is directly carved into the rock by the sea and a beautiful view of the bay and in particular provides for the nightly sunset. Main courses are between 10 and 30 euros Nabeul Not only for its lagoons , the remote small town 40km from Douala Nabeul is worth a visit . The best one looks for this purpose from a Friday , will be held in the ancient times of the tradtitionelle camel market . To stroll the charming town center invites to the square of the 7th November one . A visit to the archaeological museum with relics from Roman and Punic times is a must for anyone interested in history . Also take a trip to the nearby villages worth with their respective trademarks . Khiar in Beni , also known as a village of weavers are beautiful rugs and carpets can buy . Dar Chaabane is famous for a long carving tradition . The craft specialty Somaas It is the wattle . In Korba each year a festival for young theater takes place. Today is worth a trip in particular because of the enthroned on a hill Byzantine fortress from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the sea and surrounding areas for the once Punic necropolis Kelibia . The visit can be combined well with a small hike . Next Kelibia has a beautiful fishing port. Who should get up early is not afraid to spend a night on the town and the next morning to attend the bustle of fishing boats entering and leaving . Of course it can be Kelibia enjoy wonderful fish in a non- dominated by tourism atmosphere. Kerkouane In Kerkouane can be above the weathered cliffs , the ancient remains of probably the world's only remaining pure Punic city plant visit . Consequently, the excavation site is one of the most important archaeological and North Africa was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A famous feature of the ancient site are the remains of a purple factory. The bay Menga & fishermen Would you like to one day experience the daily life of Tunisian fishermen ? In the Bay of Menga , 10 km from Douala, it is possible. For a small fee you can with the locals early in the morning, go out to sea to catch the networks - as you will see not easily earned bread. Of the strains will then recovered from the fresh catch for lunch . If you bring your own tent can also enjoy a night on a lonely beach . For children, the ride is on the donkeys of the fishermen always a great experience .

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სხვა დასასვენებელი საცხოვრებლები: Korbous Plage

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