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★Two-Oh-Nine★ House close to The Chao Phraya River

სახლი მთლიანად. მასპინძელია Priscilla.
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სახლი მთლიანად თქვენს განკარგულებაში იქნება.
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ეს მასპინძელი იცავს განსაკუთრებული დასუფთავების 5-ეტაპიან პროცედურას, რომელიც Airbnb-ს მიერ მომზადდა.
A Tiny House located in the heart of three communities, three religions in Thon Buri District. Bangluang Mosque, Santa Cruz Church and Wat Kanlayanamit. The house is close to Wat Kalayanamit Pier which you can take a sightseeing tour along the mighty Chao Phraya River just crossing by public ferry only 5 minutes to Pak Khlong Talad (Flower Market) Pier, Yodpiman River Walk, Museum Siam, Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Tha Tian, Tha Maharaj, and is within walking distance of the MRT, Itsaraphap Station.

საცხოვრებელი სივრცე
The property features a private bedroom with air condition, bathroom and toilet. We have a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink and an electric kettle for tea or coffee. (*Not suitable for cooking.) There are many street restaurants around here, while the morning market and 7-11 convenient store are only 0.3 km away. We do recommend you to enjoy the local food outside.
*** Since the accommodation is located in the community, please expect some noises of praying sound from the temple, people and vehicles or barking of dogs.
*** To keep mosquitoes outside, please do not leave the door open for a long time.

Our bedroom has a King sized bed for 2 guests.
*** Non-registered guests are not permitted access.

- Free WiFi Internet
- Smart TV
- Air Conditioner
- Water Heater
- Microwave
- Refrigerator
- Tableware
- Condiments
- Drinking Water
- Dish Wash Liquid
- Hair Dryer
- Steam Iron
- Shampoo & Shower Gel
- Toothbrush & Toothpaste
- Handwash Gel
- Towel
- Tissue
- CCTV (outside property)
- Digital Door Lock

- We provide clean room with fresh bed linen, towels and toilet paper at check-in, and they won't be changed during your stay until the next cleaning service. You can request extra cleaning service at the cost of 500THB/Time.
- No eating food or drink on the bed.
- Non-registered guests are not permitted access.
- Smoking is forbidden inside the house. Please use the ashtrays placed in the smoking area outside.
- Please wash your own dishes after use.
- Please do not rearrange our furniture.
- Please do not leave your valuables in the room when you going out, we do not assume any responsibility for their possible disappearance.
- For good sanitation, please remove food trash everyday to avoid insects and flies.

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პატიო ან აივანი
ობიექტზე უსაფრთხოების კამერებია
მიუწვდომელია: მხუთავი აირის დეტექტორი
მიუწვდომელია: კვამლის დეტექტორი

აირჩიეთ შესვლის თარიღი

ზუსტი ფასების გასაგებად მიუთითეთ მოგზაურობის თარიღები
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Thon Buri, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, ტაილანდი

Wat Kanlaya community is one of the oldest communities in Thonburi, Bangkok. "Thonburi" is an ancient city. Was the capital city during the reign of King Thonburi. Located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River opposite the Phra Nakhon side.
Wat Kanlaya community is located in the three religious communities which are the Wat Kanlaya community, the Kudi Chin community and the Kudi Khao community.
The three religions are Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.
Experience the lifestyle and culture of the villagers in each community.
Visit the traditional architecture. And various important places nearby
Such as temples, palaces, museums, recreation places, flea markets, nightlife.
Only 0.1 km. from the accommodation to Wat Kanlayanamit Woramahaviharn.
Pay homage to the "Buddha Trirattananayok" principle Buddha image of Wat Kanlayanamit. Admire the Thai and Chinese architecture in the temple area. See the largest bell in Thailand, a symbol of Wat Kanlayanamit Woramahaviharn.
Enjoy the view along the Chao Phraya River from the Wat Kanlayanamit waterside. Which overlooks Vichai Prasit Fort, Ancient fort was built during the Ayutthaya period. And feeding various kinds of fish that swim in the waterfront of the temple.

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დაცულია განსაკუთრებული დასუფთავების პროცედურა, რომელიც Airbnb-ს მიერ მომზადდა. მეტის ჩვენება
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კვამლის დეტექტორი არ არის
უსაფრთხოების კამერა/ჩამწერი მოწყობილობა მეტის ჩვენება
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