Hidden Street Art

მადრიდი, ესპანეთი

შთაბეჭდილება, რომელსაც უძღვება Gerardo & Patri

2 საათი, მასპინძლის ენა: ინგლისური
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რას გააკეთებთ

We'll explore some of Madrid's most notable street art in places that are essentially unknown by outsiders. We'll see the work of local artists and learn about some of the different street art techniques. We'll check out the hub of Madrid's underground art scene and I'll show you how to make your own street art stencil.
Other things to note
Wear comfortable shoes for walking and bring your camera to capture images of street art. In case there is a chance of rain, the stencil will not be created.

რა შედის

  • აღჭურვილობა
    Everything you need to create a stencil

გაიცანით Gerardo & Patri, თქვენი მასპინძელი

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We are local street art hunters and graffiti artists with interests in social activism, stencil artwork, and graffiti. Patricia was raised in Madrid & Gerardo comes from Mexico. We look forward showing you the best of local street art.

You can find and share all the street art in Madrid @cooltourspain
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სად იქნებით

The first spot visited is Lavapiés, considered to be the most underground neighborhood in town.

Later, we will visit Esto es una Plaza and the walls at La Tabacalera, a former tobacco factory. We'll see the pieces done during different street art festivals, such as Calle Lavapies or Urvanity. We will continue with the works of local artists at Plaza Sombrerete, continuing over calle Embajadores up to the biggest feminist mural in town.

194 მიმოხილვის შედეგად შეფასებაა 5-დან 4,79.

სექტემბერი, 2021
This tour was great! I wasn't expecting such an informative and eye-opening experience, but WOW! Gerardo is an awesome guide and I 10/10 recommend this experience. If you are someone who is looking to experience Madrid in all of its artistic identity, make sure to put this tour on your itinerary!
აგვისტო, 2021
Gerardo is a very knowledgeable guide. He took us on a historical journey of the street art scene and gave us insights into what the artists were trying to communicate.
აგვისტო, 2021
I think the tour is a great experience for anyone who is interested in street art and wants to do more than just the usual touristy things in Madrid. Our guide took a lot of time to answer all of our questions and the tour lasted 30min longer than expected. Our guide also showed us some hidden gems and I was able to find them again the next day. 5*
აგვისტო, 2021
I had a wonderful time learning more about Madrid’s street art scene. Although I joined the tour alone, I had a great time getting to know the guide and other guests. Would definitely recommend to other solo travellers. Great way to see hidden gems in the city!
აგვისტო, 2021
The tour really brought the neighborhood to life and let the walls speak more than you would normally discover if just passing by. Nice to know a bit more about the meaning behind the streetart. We enjoyed the walk very much !
ივლისი, 2021
Gerrardo provided some deep insights and was flexible to our needs (short time before flight, needing to grab coffee). He put art in the context of social justice and humanity.

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