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დროის გატარების ვარიანტები: კეიპტაუნი

საუკეთესო რეკომენდაციები ადგილობრივებისგან

ღირსშესანიშნაობებით დაწყებული და ნაკლებადცნობილი ადგილებით დამთავრებული — შეიტყვეთ ადგილობრივების დახმარებით, რა გამოარჩევს ამ ქალაქს.
Botanical Garden
“An absolutely fabulous place to linger in. Stunning gardens, wonderful restaurants / cafe with delicious food. Do not miss this special venue.”
  • 724 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
Natural Feature
“The tip of Africa, well nearly, actually it is Cape Agulhas, but Cape Point is better know as the tip of Africa! About 1 hours drive from us, you can drive along 1 coast line and return along the other. Both are very scenic, and beautiful. If you do not want to walk up, there is a vernicular to take you to the top. Best to check if operating before you go. There is a fee to enter Cape Point Nature Reserve, free for Wild Card holders”
  • 243 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
Bathing Area
“Hiking up Table Mountain is a lifetime experience. Which you should do at least once in your lifetime. ”
  • 459 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
კოსმეტიკის მაღაზია
“Beautiful shops and restaurants - sit facing the harbour whilst having lunch, dinner or sundowners”
  • 329 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
Cable Car
“You daren't leave Cape Town without going up Table Mountain!!! Take the cable car to the mountain top with cabins holding up to 65 people & rotating floors for 360° views. One of the 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD ”
  • 336 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
სავაჭრო ცენტრი
“Great tourist shopping destination. Harbour with many fabulous restaurants. Live local entertainment ”
  • 224 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Great hike with panoramic view of Cape Town’s beaches. Easy for all levels. ”
  • 346 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Named the ‘Cape of Storms’ by Bartolomeu Dias in 1488; the ‘Point’ was treated with respect by sailors for centuries. By day, it was a navigational landmark and by night, and in fog, it was a menace beset by violent storms and dangerous rocks that over the centuries littered shipwrecks around the coastline. In 1859 the first lighthouse was completed; it still stands at 238 metres above sea-level on the highest section of the peak and is now used as the centralised monitoring point for all the lighthouses on the coast of South Africa. Access to this historical building is by an exhilarating three-minute ride in the wheelchair-accessible Flying Dutchman funicular that transfers visitors from the lower station at 127 metres above sea-level, to the upper station. Cape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve within Table Mountain National Park, which forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a World Heritage Site. It includes the majestic Table Mountain chain, which stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point, and the coastlines of the Cape Peninsula. This narrow stretch of land, dotted with beautiful valleys, bays and beaches, contains a mix of extraordinarily diverse and unique fauna and flora.”
  • 85 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“A vibrant, warm-hearted little village in the heart of Woodstock where talented people come together to share, collaborate and show off their heart-felt passion. The Old Biscuit Mill is home to a range of artisan workshops, designer stores, decadent restaurants and the popular Saturday Neighbourgoods Market. The Old Biscuit Mill is one of Cape Town’s must-visit attractions. Well loved by locals and tourists alike, the Mill is a bustling hub where people come together to eat, drink, shop and have an all-round great time. Do not miss out the Saturday farmer's market - get there early to avoid the crowds. ”
  • 309 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Boulders beach is a quaint, sheltered beach with fascinating rock formations all around. It also serves as an entry point for the penguin colony. If you're going there on a weekend, be sure to get there early to find a good spot.”
  • 271 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“I don't have the words except that we love to walk and and enjoy the beauty mixed with historic buildings. Quote :There is so much to explore in terms of history inside the garden. Near the Adderley Street entrance a statue of Queen Victoria stands overlooking the Slave Lodge, while a statue of Jan Smuts looks on. Just over the road is the St George’s Cathedral, known as the “people’s church”—even during the apartheid era, all races were welcomed. It was also the starting point for the 30,000-strong demonstration led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1989—and where Tutu coined the phrase ‘rainbow people’ to describe the diversity of South Africa’s population. The Garden is also home to the South African Museum and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre here, where you can view exhibits about the atrocities suffered by Jews during World War II. Beyond that, there are dozens of little historical treasures you’d easily miss if you weren’t looking for them. There is the Rutherford Fountain—which still stands on the original spot where it was erected in 1864—and the well pump embedded in an oak tree which dates back to 1842. There’s also the oldest cultivated tree in South Africa—a saffron pear, propped up on huge steel crutches. ”
  • 247 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
Nature Preserve
“Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park.”
  • 158 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
ხელოვნების მუზეუმი
“This is a very popular museum near the Silo Hotel. Book tickets on line to save long queues.”
  • 174 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“A place where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Braai facilities, a beautiful restaurant, flora and fauna and beaches as far as the eye can see...”
  • 81 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
History Museum
“If you are a tourist looking for the history and reason for Cape Town, I strongly suggest you begin your CapeTown tour here! This is good insight into the forced removal of residents & demolition of houses under the apartheid government in the 1970's. Some of the tour guides live to tell the stories.”
  • 148 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Quirky cafe that's a steampunk world of pipes and old metal, with gourmet, home-roasted coffee.”
  • 213 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას

საუკეთესო რესტორნები

“Quirky cafe that's a steampunk world of pipes and old metal, with gourmet, home-roasted coffee.”
  • 213 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
Nature Preserve
“A must visit place to appreciate this African Penguin colony and picturesque bathing beach”
  • 170 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
აფრიკული რესტორანი
“This amazing restaurant in Kloof Street in Cape Town with its diverse rooms and excellent cuisine is well worth a visit”
  • 164 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Café Caprice combines artisan cocktails, a café-style menu, relaxing lounges and sidewalk seating to experience the epitome of Cape Town’s cosmopolitan social scene. Situated directly across from Camps Bay Beach at 37 Victoria Road, open 7 days a week since 1999, it is a home for many Cape Townians and a must visit destination for tourists. Camps Bay beach is the ultimate sunset viewing spot and Café Caprice provides the perfect backdrop, as DJ’s fill the space with laid back music from Thursday to Sunday with a deep, chilled house soundtrack. Café Caprice – a landmark on the Camps Bay promenade and an indelible part of the Cape Town bar and entertainment scene.”
  • 118 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
ტაპასის რესტორანი
“Small plates ordered to share. Bustling atmosphere. Great views. Celebrity Chef. ”
  • 127 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
ზღვის პროდუქტების რესტორანი
“Willoughby & Co offers its clientele a full Japanese kitchen, ranging from the freshest sushi to tempura dishes, oyster shooters to soups and salads. Add to this a comprehensive selection of seafood and carnivorous delights.”
  • 115 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Considered one of the 10 top restaurants in South Africa. Innovative comforting food. Unpretentious, generous and flavorsome bowl made from the bright fresh ingredients. At the Biscuit Mill....also a place to brouse.”
  • 134 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას
“Beautiful bar on the beach, excellent cocktails and nice relaxed atmosphere. ”
  • 148 ადგილობრივი უწევს რეკომენდაციას

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