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ცალკე ოთახი (საოჯახო სასტუმრო). მასპინძელია Natsir.
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Two charming bamboo rooms with balconies from where you enjoy a splendid view of our organic farm and the Torajan mountains in the distance. The price includes 3 organic meals daily, snacks, fruit, coffee, tea and water. A private bathroom (traditional toilet and mandi) is located next to the bungalow.

საცხოვრებელი სივრცე
Our bungalow has two private rooms situated on a hillside (almost on top) right in the heart of Toraja, offering spectacular views from a large shared balcony over the farm, mountains and valleys.

You will be living with a local family of around 10 people, not counting visiting relatives and friends, who occupy two other houses.

The price is for a private room within the bungalow for two people, and includes three organic meals a day and fresh coffee and tea. Most of the food comes from our own organic farm.

Besides our organic farm, which has ducks, chicken, goats and lots of vegetables and fruit, we run the Natsir's Nature School, where children from the neighboring villages can learn English for free. The school has afternoon classes from 2pm - 3pm and 4pm-5pm, and can get a little noisy at times.

Learning English is very important for these children as it will increase their chances of finding a job in the future. Volunteers help out on the farm and with teaching English, and stay in two small huts above the bungalow.

During your stay you can simply relax on the balcony of the bungalow, experience the life of a local family, have a look around our organic farm, the school and the library, enjoy the views, or take a nice walk to the river or the market in Rembon (on Saturdays). By walking through the rice fields for 15 minutes, you reach the main road, where you find public transport to Makale. Alternatively a private car can be arranged for transport to and from Makale for an additional fee.

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მოწევა ნებადართულია
გრძელვადიანი ჯავშნები დაშვებულია
მიუწვდომელია: მხუთავი აირის დეტექტორი
მიუწვდომელია: კვამლის დეტექტორი

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მიუთითეთ თარიღი

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Rembon, South Sulawesi, ინდონეზია

On our beautiful remote hilltop farm there are plenty of ways to spend your time:
- stroll around and explore the area to see authentic Torajan country life, beautiful nature and local culture
- immerse yourself into farming life. I would love to show you around our organic garden and inform you about the planting, harvesting and use of our wide range of vegetables and fruit (for example pineapples, passion fruit, coconuts, vanilla, chilli, rambutan and many more)
- learn to cook Torajan style dishes with my lovely wife Diana
- produce your own chocolate or coffee
- simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful view. Read a book, relax and let time pass by.

მასპინძლობს Natsir

გაწევრიანების თარიღი: ნოემბერი, 2015
  • 21 მიმოხილვა
My name is Natsir and I was born in Tana Toraja. I live about 10km from Makale together with my wife and my children. I am a farmer for organic products as well as a parttime English teacher for poor children of my neighbouring villages. In 2008 I built an English nature school with dreams of helping the children of Toraja to learn English. I am grateful that often volunteers from abroad are staying with my family to help out on the farm and with English lessons. Feel free to join!
My name is Natsir and I was born in Tana Toraja. I live about 10km from Makale together with my wife and my children. I am a farmer for organic products as well as a parttime Engli…
I can arrange for a driver to pick you up at Makale terminal upon your arrival for an additional fee. It takes 20 minutes to get to our secluded organic farm. I can give you a tour through the garden (where we can pick seasonal wild strawberries, passionfruit and pineapples) and will explain what our project is about. I am always happy to tell you more about the culture of Toraja, and our daily life. Interaction is up to you, as we are a welcoming family and happy to share our lives with you or let you enjoy the peace and quiet.

We also offer several activities as we found that many guests requested them. We need to charge for these activities per class/per day as they need a few days of preparation. Please contact us (by phone) a couple of days before your arrival, if you have any specific wishes.
All payments for these activities help to support the local community and Natsir's education project:

- Chocolate making class:
This usually takes about 4-5 hours and includes a tour of the cacao grove. We may need a few days’ notice to harvest, ferment and dry the cacao beans before your arrival. You will roast the cacao beans, peel them and crush them to make cacao paste, before mixing it with palm sugar and various flavours such as ginger, chilli, cinnamon, all from our garden! You will then learn how to store your chocolate in our specially designed Eco-packaging, made of cacao leaves and bamboo tubes (also all from our garden of course!), ready to bring home as a special souvenir of your stay.

- Coffee making class:
Torajan coffee is renowned all over the world. You will visit our organic coffee plantation and learn about how the beans are harvested, sun-dried and shelled. You will roast the beans and go home with a gift pack, packaged in our own Eco-friendly bamboo.

-Coconut oil making class:
We can reach you how to make your very own fresh, organic coconut oil using coconuts from either our farm or a local garden. The entire process can take between 4-5 hours, but we will walk you through it from start to finish. In the end you will be free to take the oil you make with you!

- Toraja day tours:
We can organise an air conditioned car that can carry seven passengers. You can go to famous touristic sites such as Londa, Kete Kesu, Tilanga, Lemo and/or Rantepao. However, entrance fees for these sites is not included in the cost and will be the responsibility of the guests.

- Clothes washing: hand washed, sun dried and folded.
I can arrange for a driver to pick you up at Makale terminal upon your arrival for an additional fee. It takes 20 minutes to get to our secluded organic farm. I can give you a tour…
  • ენები: English, Bahasa Indonesia
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კვამლის დეტექტორის შესახებ ინფორმაცია არ არის მეტის ჩვენება
გაუქმების წესები

სხვა ვარიანტები, რომლებსაც გთავაზობთ Rembon და მისი შემოგარენი

სხვა საცხოვრებლები, რომლებსაც გთავაზობთ Rembon: