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სამუშაო სივრცე
მუშაობისთვის შესაფერისი საერთო დანიშნულების სივრცე Wi‑Fi კავშირით.
დამოუკიდებელი დაბინავება
დაბინავდით დამოუკიდებლად, მინი-სეიფის მეშვეობით.
19 ივლ‑მდე გაუქმება უფასოა.


ყოველი ჯავშანი ითვალისწინებს უფასო დაცვას, რომელიც ვრცელდება მასპინძლის მხრიდან გაუქმების, განცხადებაში უზუსტობებისა და სხვა შემთხვევებზე, როგორიცაა, მაგალითად, დაბინავებისას წარმოქმნილი პრობლემა.
ინფორმაციის ნაწილი ავტომატურად ითარგმნა.
In this 2-bedroom house, we can assure that you have somewhere that’s fully equipped and maintained that will add comfort to your stay.

With a TV in every bedroom and parking available on the drive and on street is a real bonus, this will make a great choice for up to 5 people looking for great value accommodation in Swansea.

საცხოვრებელი სივრცე
This lovely, bright 2 bedroomed property is a home from home for anyone visiting for work, leisure or study. In the living room you'll find a sofa which seats 2 and doubles up as a sofa-bed, a dining table which seats 6 people and a Smart TV so you can log into your streaming accounts and watch your favourite series/film. It has a fully equipped kitchen, so if you would rather a home cooked meal than a take away the option is yours!

Upstairs you'll find the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Bedroom one has a double bed and bedroom two has a double and a single bed. Want to freshen up? The bathroom features a shower over bath. So if you want a relaxing soak or a quick refreshing shower the choice is yours!

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სამუშაო სივრცე
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ტელეეკრანი და სტანდარტული საკაბელო
უფასო სარეცხი მანქანა (საცხოვრებელში)
უფასო საშრობი (საცხოვრებელში)
მანეჟი/ჩვილის პორტატიული საწოლი
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7 ღამე (Clase)

24 ივლ 2022 - 31 ივლ 2022

2 მიმოხილვა

სად იცხოვრებთ

Clase, Wales, გაერთიანებული სამეფო

This 2 bed house is located in the Morriston area of Swansea to the north of Swansea city centre. There are plenty of local shops, cafes and restaurants in the area. So you can easily stock-up the kitchen cupboards and the fridge freezer with your favourite foods during your stay.

There are other places in the area that can be easily reached from the house:

MORRISTON HOSPITAL - if you are working here, or if you know someone being treated here, you can stay here and be nearby with easy access to the hospital.

DVLA - if you have business at the DVLA centre, it can be easily reached from the house.

THE LIBERTY STADIUM - got tickets for a Swansea City game, or an invite to attend another event at the stadium? It’s not far from the house so you can get to and from the venue quickly.

MORRISTON PARK - this huge green space is close to the house and gives you somewhere to escape to for a leisurely stroll or a more active run. There are skate jumps to try and ducks to feed too, something for all of the family.

SWANSEA GRAND THEATRE - the city centre isn’t far away and if you have tickets for a performance here, you can get to and from the theatre with ease.

MUMBLES - this seaside village is popular with all kinds of visitors and well worth a visit if you have the time.

SWANSEA MARINA - enjoy being amid the glamour of boats and maybe stop-off for a bite to eat or some liquid refreshment in one of the high-class eateries.

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