Unique house with large garden close to the city.

ხის სახლი მთლიანად. მასპინძელია Eleri.

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სამუშაო სივრცე
მუშაობისთვის შესაფერისი საერთო დანიშნულების სივრცე Wi‑Fi კავშირით.
დამოუკიდებელი დაბინავება
დაბინავდით დამოუკიდებლად, მინი-სეიფის მეშვეობით.
4 აპრ‑მდე გაუქმება უფასოა.


ყოველი ჯავშანი ითვალისწინებს უფასო დაცვას, რომელიც ვრცელდება მასპინძლის მხრიდან გაუქმების, განცხადებაში უზუსტობებისა და სხვა შემთხვევებზე, როგორიცაა, მაგალითად, დაბინავებისას წარმოქმნილი პრობლემა.
ინფორმაციის ნაწილი ავტომატურად ითარგმნა.
Country life so close to the city. Just 10 minutes drive from the center of Pärnu, lies a cozy log house with large garden. Freshly fully renovated, with authentic countryside disain.

საცხოვრებელი სივრცე
The house has a great cozy vibe and fulfills all the basic leaving needs and more. There is enough space for animals and kids to enjoy the time outside. The large 5000 m2 garden is fully fenced and can be locked.

Please note that the side buildings are not usable.
Please also note that the first bedroom is a walk-through and there is no door between the living area and that bedroom. The bed is quite narrow, width : 120cm, and therefore fits rather for 1 adult.

სად დაიძინებთ

საძინებელი 1
1 საწოლი 152×203 სმ
საძინებელი 2
1 საწოლი 120×190 სმ

რა დაგხვდებათ

ბაღის ხედი
სამუშაო სივრცე
უფასო პარკირების ადგილი სახლის წინ — 4-ადგილიანი
შინაური ცხოველები დაიშვებიან
უფასო სარეცხი მანქანა (საცხოვრებელში)
ფანჯარაში ჩამონტაჟებული კონდიციონერი
მიუწვდომელია: მხუთავი აირის დეტექტორი

7 ღამე (Pärnu County)

5 აპრ 2023 - 12 აპრ 2023

4,83 out of 5 stars from 6 reviews


სად იცხოვრებთ

Pärnu County, ესტონეთი

A very sparsely populated area, just few houses in the sight. Quiet, private, but at the same time very close to the city and the Valgeranna beach.

მასპინძლობს Eleri

  1. გაწევრიანების თარიღი: აპრილი, 2012
  • 70 მიმოხილვა
  • ვინაობა დადასტურებულია
Summer 2022. I’ve been now working 3 years in a large and super cool 4* hotel in Berlin city center. Berlin is a wonderful city, for me the best I’ve been to so far, but I’ve been missing nature a lot lately, the purest form of life. Especially with the Covid restrictions and lockdowns, it has pushed me back to the roots and the beauty of simple living and wide wild spaces. I’ve bought a small campervan, travelled all around Germany and neighboring countries. So simple life is just so beautiful. With all this inspiration, I’ve got some great news. We’ve finalized renovation of the dream house I mentioned in my post from Summer 2017. Just took us 3 years longer as everything, also everything we didn’t expect needed to be changed and we took it step by step. But now it’s ready and gives us the best feeling ever. Renovating a run-down house which has had no owners for 5 years, giving it a new chance, new life and all this love from people enjoying the house, this is a totally different feeling to be in this house compared to a newly built apartments or houses. It’s just so much gratefulness. The house is ready for bookings from May, and we might keep it available all year along as it’s also warm at winter. Can’t wait to have you there and enjoy those magical vibes!

Summer 2020. We sold the house and take a break from hosting. I ended up staying in Berlin. Currently no plans to host again but let's see what the future brings. Was a great experience!

Summer 2019. We're open for a new season. Even tho I'm personally living this summer in Berlin for work, my partner will be in Estonia to take care of the house and guests with 101% commitment. Ready for relaxing summer days in a quiet countryside cottage by the sea?

Summer 2018. We did think to take a full break from work this summer but back we are due to customers asking over and over again to book the oh-so-lovely Tahkuranna house. We just can't let you down! After this season, we're moving to Berlin for winter to study, enjoy the city and to get some good ideas to apply in Pärnu as well ;)

Summer 2017. On winter, we got lost to Australia again to escape the soggy Estonian winter - it used to be amazing with a LOT of snow when I was a kid, and before the climate change happened. But so sadly - not anymore. We'll be back in Estonia in April already, greeting the first spring-loving guests in May. As we're planning to stay this time, we've got some great ideas going how to make holiday easier and more fun for our guests. Like designing an informative booklet personalized for our guests about what to do around, also to get some great Estonian movies on a memory stick so you'd be able to feel the vibe of this country better.
There's also an early announcement to make - we just purchased another house which we're going to renovate and rent out over the summers - as it's such a dream house as well that we just can't keep it only to ourselves. The happiness is only real when shared. We're planning to get it going in 2019. Can't wait!

Summer 2016. Good news! Despite our previous plans to stay in NZ, we still decided to be back in Pärnu for the summer (as there's no better place to be) and open the doors of the Summerhouse for anyone who want's to book and have a nice vacation in a nature with a family or friends.

Summer 2015. The summer is magic. And mad. As always in Pärnu. We'll be working together with my boyfriend in housing AND also as bar managers in Pärnu. Takes a lot of time and brain-shells, so I'm glad we're two. We're heading to New Zealand for 1 year in September to work in different bars and travel, planning to travel back by Trans-Siberian railway - all the way on the rails from Singapore to Pärnu. So it's quite set that we can't host any guests for summer 2016, only the long-term one's. Tear. I've really enjoyed you all, so it makes me sad. At least I hope you'll all enjoy the summer 2015 to the max!

Summer 2014. Here's a little update - after living and working in Australia for a year, traveling in Japan and spending 2 month as a volunteer in a spiritual retreat in Philippines, I'm back home! Ready to host my lovely guests for summer, and ready to dream about my next adventure abroad. But this summer, additional to the legendary summerhouse, we have a 1-room flat to offer for 2 nice travelers who'd love to feel the real summercity vibe of Pärnu.

Summer 2012. I would like to say that I'm a hippie deep inside who goes to a business school, loves freedom, creativity, challenges, sports, travelling and socializing. One of my little passions is arhitecture (and interior design). Walking around different cities all over the world and looking at the houses. Imagining how they look inside and what kind of people live in there is something I really enjoy. I'm mostly into houses with history or an x-factor which have the ability to "connect" with people passing by.

In summers,
With love,
Summer 2022. I’ve been now working 3 years in a large and super cool 4* hotel in Berlin city center. Berlin is a wonderful city, for me the best I’ve been to so far, but I’ve been…


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It's a self-check in property and we might not meet in person, but we'll be fully available over internet and phone 24/7 to support.
  • ენები: English, Deutsch
  • გამოხმაურების სიხშირე: 100%
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გასვლა: 12:00
დამოუკიდებლად დაბინავებაში დაგეხმარებათ მინი-სეიფი
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