Kumbuk Sevena Adventure Camp

ცალკე ოთახი (ქოხი). მასპინძელია Steve.

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ინფორმაციის ნაწილი ავტომატურად ითარგმნა.
We have permanent bamboo tents (lined with canvas to keep out weather and creepy crawlies!) and cabana rooms with balconies. Tents sleep 2-3 people. Includes bedding, etc. BBQ Dinner can be arranged for an additional fee. Showers, electricity and other amenities are on site. The cabanas are double and triple bed.

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Our riverside retreat is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset on the river and spend the night after a day out rafting and canyoning in Kitulgala. The Xclusive Adventures team can also provide guests with a BBQ meal in the evening and serve breakfast at your preferred time. We can arrange group bookings subject to availability.

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Kitulgala, Central Province, შრი-ლანკა

Kitulgala is Sri Lanka's most popular white water rafting destination. The lower stretch of the river has grade 2-3 rafting and the upper stretch is more advance, allowing visitors of all levels of experience to enjoy themselves. As well as that, it is one of the only locations in Sri Lanka where adventurers can do canyoning and white water rafting in the same location. In fact, canyoning is fast becoming the top rated activity in Kitulgala. On top of that, Kitulgala is also the site where the famous bridge scene from the movie Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed.

მასპინძლობს Steve

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I live in Dubai and work as a Management Consultant. I helped start Xclusive Adventures in January 2012 by assisting 3 Sri Lankan life guards that used you work at the pools in my apartment complex. Kandy, Kosala and AK became my good friends while they were here and when they left to return to Sri Lanka I helped back them financially in setting up the business. My role is now more of a marketing consultant, although I deal with all of the bookings that come through the online channels, helping people plan their holidays and activities in Sri Lanka. I do not live at the camp, I do not earn anything from this arrangement, I do this out of my own good will to help my friends, their families and friends in the village create a better life for themselves and their community. This is something I care about. Our aim is to promote eco-friendly sustainable tourism for the community and provide our customers with a personalized experience that exceeds their expectations.
I live in Dubai and work as a Management Consultant. I helped start Xclusive Adventures in January 2012 by assisting 3 Sri Lankan life guards that used you work at the pools in my…


Our team will be onsite and at your disposal throughout your stay.
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