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ვილა მთლიანად. მასპინძელია Giacomo.

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ვილა მთლიანად თქვენს განკარგულებაში იქნება.
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ეს მასპინძელი იცავს განსაკუთრებული დასუფთავების 5-ეტაპიან პროცედურას, რომელიც Airbnb-ს მიერ მომზადდა.
სტუმრები ხშირად ეძებენ ამ პოპულარულ საყოფაცხოვრებო პირობას
გამოცდილი მასპინძელი
სხვა საცხოვრებლებს, რომლებსაც Giacomo სტუმრებს სთავაზობს, 329 მიმოხილვა აქვს.
ინფორმაციის ნაწილი ავტომატურად ითარგმნა.
A nice and comfortable villa, with all the comforts of a modern house, where you can relax and enjoy.
Plenty of space both inside and outside where you can enjoy the view, from landscaped garden or from the big swimming pool.

Info and contacts on: ILCASTELLANO . EU ;-)

საცხოვრებელი სივრცე
This comfortable modern villa situated at just 56 km from Rome is set among the olive groves next to the medieval village of Monteleone Sabino and the romanic ruins of the old city of Trebula Mutuesca in the beautiful and unspoilt Sabina region of Lazio.

The villa has four double bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large (48 sqm) bright open planned living area and a well equipped kitchen with different spaces to organize either inside or outside alfresco dinings.
It has a wide private garden with access to more than 2 acres of olive grove where the swimming pool (12 x 6 metres) is located and where you will find quiet spaces to read, relax, in sun or shade.
All around the villa you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside & hills and breathtaking sunsets in the evenings.

The villa provides a perfect rural retreat with ample opportunities for enjoying the countryside, hill top villages and local restaurants. It is also within easy reach of Rome and many other towns of Lazio and Umbria such as Tivoli, Orvieto & Spoleto.

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Monteleone Sabino, Lazio, იტალია

Info and contacts on: ILCASTELLANO . EU ;-)

The Lazio region
Latium, the cradle of Rome, consisted originally of the coastal plain from the mouth of the Tiber to the Circeian promontory, and its adjacent foothills. Its area constituted a part of the much larger modern Italian Regione of Lazio, Latium in Latin. Latium has played an important role in history owing to its status as the cradle of the Roman Empire and the city of Rome. Consequently, it is home to celebrated works of art and architecture.

Bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Latium's capital Rome and the sovereign Vatican State, account for the region's, and indeed country's, largest number of visitors—lured by the staggering number of attractions within each. But outside of Rome's famous Colosseum and the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, Latium provides many attractions worth the wander from these busy centres.

მასპინძლობს Giacomo

  1. გაწევრიანების თარიღი: ივლისი, 2014
  • 335 მიმოხილვა
  • ვინაობა დადასტურებულია
“Welcome, my name is Giacomo, and I’m very pleased to meet you”. My wife Mary and I live in Rome, where I was raised, went to school and eventually studied medicine while cultivating my many other passions: motorbike and bicycle trips, skiing and sailing, books and films, tinkering and gardening. I love travelling and discovering authentic places, meeting the people who live in them and sampling the local cuisine and culture. My greatest pleasure, though, is to invite friends into my home to cook for and entertain them. That’s why I finally decided to make hospitality my chosen profession, and I have my own special approach: I choose only the homes in which I would truly have wanted to live. Charming homes, tastefully furnished by their owners in captivating settings, where I personally welcome visitors from all over the world to make them feel at home. These homes come to life with every new set of guests; animated and enriched by this diversity of voices and experiences they only grow more beautiful. Why not come and see? Info and contacts on my web site: CHARMING HOLIDAY HOMES ;-) _____________ITA______________ “Benvenuti, io sono Giacomo, è un piacere conoscervi.” A Roma, dove vivo con mia moglie Mary, sono nato e cresciuto, ho studiato al liceo classico e poi medicina, coltivando tante passioni: amo i viaggi in moto e la bici, lo sci e la vela, i libri e il cinema, il bricolage e il giardinaggio. Mi piace molto viaggiare e scoprire luoghi autentici, conoscere le persone che li abitano, la cucina e la cultura locali. Soprattutto mi piace invitare gli amici, cucinare per loro, ospitare persone a casa mia. Per questo ho deciso di fare dell’ospitalità il mio lavoro, e ho voluto farlo come piace a me: ho scelto solo case in cui avrei abitato anch’io volentieri, belle, vissute, in luoghi stupendi. In queste case, arredate con cura dai loro proprietari, mi piace accogliere personalmente i viaggiatori da tutto il mondo, farli sentire come fossero a casa loro. Con i miei ospiti queste case si animano ogni volta di voci e sguardi diversi, si arricchiscono, diventano sempre più belle. Venite a vedere. Info e contatti: Charming holiday homes punto com
“Welcome, my name is Giacomo, and I’m very pleased to meet you”. My wife Mary and I live in Rome, where I was raised, went to school and eventually studied medicine while cultivati…
  • ენები: English, Italiano
  • გამოხმაურების სიხშირე: 100%
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