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შთაბეჭდილება, რომელსაც უძღვება Elisona

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We are going to do a special walking tour in the beautiful center of Siena. We will meet in the main square, at the Fontana Gaia and from there we will see the more important places of Siena together.

გაიცანით Elisona, თქვენი მასპინძელი

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Hello everybody!
I'm Elisona, a young girl with big dreams. I love art, and I love working with people. And yeah, I really love Tuscany. So I decided to work as a Tour Guide, i'm a Licensed Tour Guide.
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სად იქნებით

We will visit the most important places of Siena. We will start from the Piazza del Campo and go on with the tour visiting places like the oldest bank in Europe, the Cathedral o the Saint Catherine birthplace.

93 მიმოხილვის შედეგად შეფასებაა 5-დან 4,99.

სექტემბერი, 2021
This was one of the best walking tours I did in my life. Elisona showed us lots of corners of the city that I would have overlooked otherwise and explained everything in detail, yet easy to understand.
აგვისტო, 2021
Elisona took us on a wonderful tour of Sienna. She is an excellent guide and shoed us parts of Sienna we would not have found by ourselves. We understood so much more about the city than we would have had we not done a tour with Elisona.
ივლისი, 2021
I really enjoyed our tour and learned so much from Elisona. It‘s so fascinating to learn about this city and see it through here eyes. The insights she gave us are also useful for other towns and architecture! She was a really great host and I would 100% recommend here as a tourguide, even if you already know the city!
ივლისი, 2021
We‘ve had the best two hours with Elisona touring the beautiful historic parts of Siena. The buildings and the history behind them are fascinating and Elisona did a wonderful job narrating Siena‘s history and explaining the little details that we wouldn‘t have noticed without her. Grazie mille:)
ივლისი, 2021
This was a very nice way to be introduced to Siena. We could not have possibly known all that we know in a couple of hours. The host was very knowledgeable and engaging. We visited interesting places and got to learn about the history and the story behind this beautiful town.
ივლისი, 2021
Siena is a beautiful city but to capture the beauty and history of it, you definitely need a tour. We were so lucky with Elisona; she is a young, funny girl with perfect English skills who is passionate about the city and its history but won't bore you with long monologues. We were lucky that it was only us and her, she even offered an afternoon tour as the morning didn't work for us. I can highly recommend it, in fact it would be a shame if you visited the city and not take this tour! 2 hours was also the perfect length for the tour

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